From 1996 to the present I've run Joanna Howard Associates, working in the public, private and voluntary sectors. We specialise in team development, coaching and mentoring, taking a pragmatic approach to training and development. We focus on what people and organisations are trying to achieve. The aim is to help individuals and teams to choose and practice behaviours that will lead to those outcomes.


Prior to 1996 I worked full time at Roffey Mark Management Institute, running programmes such as 'Interpersonal Relationships in Organisations' and 'Personal Effectiveness and Power'. I was Programme Director of the MBA (Sussex University and Roffey Park) which was developed using Self-managed Learning. I also managed the Research programme there, developing projects on 'Managing the Flexible Workforce', ' Managing in the Inner City' and 'Managing Creative Teams'.


One of my major consultancy projects during that time was with an international pharmaceutical company developing a programme for New Managerial Skills - coaching, mentoring and self-development - to be rolled out world-wide, paying attention to cross-cultural differences as well as universal ways of working.


As the internet has developed, great possibilities in online learning have appeared for managers. The site reflects my current work in this area.