Better Appraisals

"How can I get the most out of my staff? How can I ensure that they work at their best, and contribute to the performance and success of the organisation?"

These questions concern many managers.

"How do I know how I'm doing? Should I be doing more? What counts as excellent work around here?"

These questions occupy the minds of many staff.


Working with organisations in this field, I've found that it's important to tailor the system to the style and culture of the organisation. I've seen that systems based on competences  and paper work are often unpopular and are not followed effectively. In the end, if a system isn't used, or used superficially, it adds no value. Because of this, the approach to performance review and appraisals (if it is to work) needs to be tailored to the type of organisation and the staff involved. There will be places where a paper-based system is followed well with good results, and others where nothing useful is achieved.


Three main areas are considered on the linked pages:

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If you are preparing for your appraisal or performance review you should read this material.

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