Joanna Howard

I specialise in the personal area of work and managing - the skills of influencing, negotiating, appraising, leading and more. I work with what managers need to be able to do, what they need to know and understand: and and how to help them to learn and develop. Some of this is captured in my book "Managing More With Less: Handling Multiple priorities"   My clients value my ability to see the essentials of a situation, to help them widen their options and to check on their patterns of thinking. I can bring various models to the situation where they help people to get a picture of what's happening, but only use them when they really illuminate what's going on.

About this site

The first four sections are about management.

  • Coaching and mentoring focuses on one-to-one work.
  • In the section on groups and teams the essentials of group work, team development and facilitation¬† are gathered together.
  • Better Appraisals speaks for itself. Appraisal can be the most demanding organizational issue. This section gives you useful ideas about making it an effective process.
  • The New Manager is a linked site where I present ideas for - guess what - new managers. I'm looking for comments and for organisations who will pilot the site for free in exchange for feedback on it.
  • Develop your potential is an area for use with Progress Groups and for individual use for junior staff and individuals.

Then the site widens out into:

Everyday Alchemy  which deals with the more personal, inward elements of our lives, the things that underpin the way we live and work.

Online Writing where I discuss my adventures in writing hypertext stories.